BLDC Motor

BLDC Motor Controller

  • Key Switch Operation
  • Electromagnetic Holding Brake Output {24V, 3A)
  • Forward / Reverse Input with 'Push Feature' (Neutral)
  • Half Speed Reverse
  • Speed Limit Input
  • Selectable throttle command inputs
  • Compact, Rugged, Vehicle Mount Design - IP65 Rating
  • Watertight 1/0, signal, and feedback connector
  • Watertight access panel for drive configuration and setup
  • Selectable modes of operation

1.2KW-10KW BLDC Motor Controller

Working voltage 36-72V
Working current 18-120A
Under voltage 31±0.5/battery36V, 41.5±0.SV/battery48V
50.5±0.SV/battery60V ,63.5±0.SV/battery72V
Environment temperature -20°c-S0°c
Cooling way Natural wind cooling
Protection grade IPSS
Adapt to the motor WS009series
Features dual mode driver, no hall can work
Throttle voltage 1.2-4.3v
Brake blackout High/ low level
Power tube 48 tube

Special Controllers are also Available as per Customer Requirements