About Us

Who we are?

DP AUTOINDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a DIPP Recognized manufacturing and trading company of Electric Vehicles (3-Wheelers - Passenger Vehicles and Loaders)

What we do?

DP AUTOINDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a manufacturing unit of E-Vehicles (3-Wheelers) this entity is situated in the southern part of India. At present we manufacture and trade light duty E-Vehicles by named E-Bull, Neem G, E-LODA and E-CART. In the second phase new variants will be launched, these vehicles are in built with Lithium ion Batteries. Our Production capacity is estimated to cross 300EVs per month in each category.

Why DP Autoindia Private Limited?

As an Electric Vehicle manufacturer, we have the knowledge on stated, implied needs of our customer regarding E-vehicles and Battery packs.

We design and manufacture customized E-Vehicles. At present, the Battery and Controllers are supplied by Jascon Energy Private Limited. Our vehicles are designed to attain higher performance with assured mileage and fast charging. In addition to that we have an excellent team of after sales service Engineers who have profound knowledge in this field.

DPAPL will provide customized vehicles based on Customers requirement and orders.

As a future expansion plan, we will be launching Battery Swapping Stations which make the charging easier to the customer.

Uniqueness Of Our Innovation

Regenerative Self Charging system: We are working with Energy conversion technology, In which we are using our owned Electric Vehicle Wheel Hub dynamo Generator for Battery Pack self-charging which increases the mileage of the vehicle more than 2X time.


Mr. Bastin Vijay., Director

Masters in Business Administration graduate with more than 12+ years of Experience in marketing and Business development in Automotive Sector.

Directors Thought

Today India is one of the top ten automotive markets in the world and given its burgeoning middle class population with buying potential and the steady economic growth, accelerating automotive sales is expected to continue. In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of discussion around the prices of fuel – apart from the deregulation of petrol prices. Moreover the threat of disruption of supplies from the Middle-East has heightened the debate on energy security and brought the focus on to alternate drive train technologies.

The potential for alternative technologies in automobiles such as electric vehicles (EV) in India, as in the case of many other comparable markets, depends on improved battery technologies, driving ranges, government incentives, regulations, lower prices and better charging infrastructure.

There seems to be a lot of interest on the part of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) based manufacturers to adopt electric technology, not just supplemental to the ICE, but as a stand-alone offering. There are also specialized EV manufacturers that have come up all over the world.

While many of the factors that influence the EV market are understood intellectually, we carried out a consumer survey and Market Research to find the expectations of potential for alternative technologies in automobiles such as electric vehicles (EV).

Assessing future demand for electric vehicles was somewhat challenging since it meant testing consumer preferences for a product with which they are largely unfamiliar. For this reason, we focused on uncovering consumers’ familiarity with EV technologies and products and with the consumer’s imagined “fit” of an EV in his or her lifestyle given a range of demographic parameters.

During April 2012 Indian Government has planned to unveil the roadmap for the development of the domestic electric in the country. A discussion between the various stakeholders including Government, industry and the academia is expected to take place during FY23-24 February. The final contours of the policy will be formed after this set of discussions. Ministries such as Petroleum, Finance, Road Transport and Power are involved in developing a broad framework for the sector.